New Beginnings...

It’s been around 10 months since I last posted anything here, I really do need to start keeping this thing up to date.

A lot has happened in the past 10 months, I’ve left Warrington Town and signed for Colwyn Bay, been promoted to Lead Front-end Developer at Missguided and finally bought a car that I’m not actually ashamed to drive.


I’ve been at Missguided for just over two and a half years now, the company has grown immensely. In October I was offered the Lead Front-end developer role, and after having some time to think it over I accepted.

It’s a completely different role for me and I’ve given myself some time to adapt to it. Our working environment is very fast paced, and I would by lying if I said it hasn’t been stressful. Going from sitting in front of a code editor for most of the day to sitting in more meetings and solving very different issues has opened my eyes a lot. Is the role completely for me? I guess only time will tell really.

With the constant stream of projects going out of the door, making sure I get fully integrated into the role at the start of next year will be one of my biggest aims.


This season has been a real weird one for me. We started the season in a new league, one that I was looking forward to as a new challenge, playing against better teams and playing at better grounds.

Our start to the season has been indifferent to say the least. We were very much ‘Jekyll and Hyde’, winning one week against one of the promotion favourites and losing to a team tipped for relegation the next.

In October Warrington decided to bring in a new manager after a run of inconsistent results. I saw this as a new challenge, with the club going in a new direction to challenge for promotion. I was looking forward to the opportunity to prove myself to the new manager and cement my place in his plans, however he had different ideas.

As with most new managers that join clubs, they like to bring in their own personnel. Players usually follow managers from club to club and unfortunately for existing players at a club, they get replaced.

A new keeper was signed and I found myself sat on the bench for the next few weeks. In all honesty I was disappointed mostly at the fact that I had only been given one game to prove myself to the new manager, and although we were on the end of a 2-0 defeat, I played well and was voted Man of The Match by our fans.

The past few weeks have honestly been some of the worst I’ve had in my career in football. I’ve never really been sat on the bench and thought I’d played well enough to keep my place at the club.

As a keeper, this sort of thing can be a massive knock to your confidence. To me it showed that I had no future at the club and would only be used as a backup keeper when required. I needed a change.

Warrington Town FC - Evo-stik North Divison one winners
Celebrations after winning the league with Warrington.

I had a number of clubs interested in signing me, and after a lot of thought I decided to join Colwyn Bay. Hopefully I can get back to enjoying football again and help them win the same league that I won with Warrington last season.