It's about time...

I’ve been wanting to launch a personal site for a while now. After a quick check of my Twitter feed, it was almost two years ago when I was last working on a new personal site, before scrapping the idea and putting it on the backburner.

A lot has happened in my personal (and work) life over the past couple of years, including a change of job, house and football team. Now that things are more settled, I finally have the time to write a little bit more.

Design Headaches

As with most developers, I’m not the greatest when it comes to design. I’ve spent numerous hours drooling over amazing designs on Dribbble, wondering why I couldn’t produce anything remotely as good as what appears on that site on a daily basis.

I’ve finally come to the conclusion that a simple design, with content that was easy to read was all I needed. I spent some time researching and learning about good typography, created myself a logo, and found a colour scheme that I’m happy with. I seem to have arrived at what you see now, but no doubt some of this will change as time passes.

Work in progress

As with all websites, everything is work in progress. I wanted to bite the bullet and get something online fairly quickly, fixing any issues along the way. The code for my site is open source on GitHub – so feel free to raise an issue if you manage to spot anything.

I’ve also created a public Trello board, which gives visibility of what I’m currently working on and what my priorities are with the site. This should give me the motivation to make sure that I’m constantly tweaking and improving things, and not let the site sit stagnant.

I came across a great quote by Addy Osmani a short while ago. I’ll be applying the very same principles with anything I do with the site… first do it, then do it right, then do it better.